An Easter Surprise


Another Adventure

Most of you know that I went turkey hunting during Easter weekend. I had a great time hanging out with my friend. Too bad, my friend had his work hours change on him last minute so we did not hang out that much, more of just hunting together, which was fine. 

In my last blog post, I talked about the new gear that I got and could not wait to test them. For me, they worked out great. The backpack carrying my shotgun and decoys, really freed up my hands. Having the bags attached in the front to have my calls was perfect. Being able to slowly walk and reach in the pocket and get a call was just what I wanted. The only thing I didn’t like was that I didn’t really have a place to place the gobble call.

Anyway to the good stuff. After hiking around for a few days and seeing a few turkeys, having them see us or having them not call back, my friend and I got it done on Easter morning. After we got up on Sunday we went down to this area we scouted the night before, however the birds beat us there. They came down from the trees and right where we wanted to be. So, we tried to sneak in and make some calls. Nope nothing in that area. Pretty sure, they busted us. Oh well.

We had decided to go the area that we went last year where I got my last bird. Well we did not make it that far. On the way there, we stopped and made a few calls to see what was going on. This time we got an answer. A couple of hens and one Tom called back. So we walked a bit and found a good area to set up. We had set up one hen decoy and we sat back under some trees that were giving a lot of cover.

Tagged Out

After making calls back and forth for 30ish min, they started to get closer and closer. With them talking so much, I thought they were coming in from the right but I was wrong. They very slowly and very quietly came in from the left and went straight to the hen decoy. When I saw them, I started to raise my gun so slowly it was crazy. I saw this one big one stand out, so I took my shot. Dropped him. Next I thought well I have another tag and right when I thought that my buddy made another hen call and they started to come right back to us. I took my shot again and dropped another.

It was great being able to fill both tags. They were a couple of jakes meaning they are younger than a Tom, but meat is meat. The two turkeys had to weigh 14 lb. apiece. Short beards and spurs.

Back to the real world

Now I am back on the other side of the mountains. I am back at work, wanting to go back out. I will have to wait for deer season this fall. Oh well, the wait is worth it.

- Aaron

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