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A Dream Realized

Exciting things are happening here over at The Wild Paduanos! We recently stepped out of that dreaded comfort zone and took some huge steps toward our dream. I wish I could say that we finally purchased our dream land, but we aren’t quite there yet. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

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Sorry for Disappearing

I am so sorry for disappearing, again. Things have been quiet on the blog for awhile now, despite my intentions otherwise. Adding Wildbaby into the mix has been a lot harder than I had imagined. She is such a velcro baby that it is hard to get much accomplished besides nursing and if I am lucky, a thirty minute workout.

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Spike Down: Harvesting My First Deer

My second season started after my wife. She was able to go down before me with her dad. While she was there on her last night she tagged out. So not only did she tag out before me she also got a deer before me. She got a nice doe too. My first year I didn’t get to tag out despite seeing deer and releasing some arrows.

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Its Been Awhile: A New Vision

Oh. Em. Gee. Has it been a minute since we posted a blog and I am SO incredibly sorry. Things have just gotten so crazy with the new baby, this COVID-19 mess, and life in general. We have basically been on lockdown since Wildbaby was born and while I am usually a homebody, this has been a bit too much even for me.

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Nearing The End: A Much Needed Update

When I titled our last blog post The Slow Season, I didn’t think that would mean we would drop off the face of the Earth. I would like to apologize to our readers for that. You guys deserve an update. This pregnancy has been really rough on me mentally and I just have not had the capacity to sit down and write about our lives while trying to grow a whole other human being, homeschool Wildchild, and make plans for the coming year in regards to our backyard homestead.

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The Slow Season

We have definitely entered the slow season of things around our little backyard homestead. It’s even slower now that we do not have the chickens. I am not walking back and forth a couple times a day to deal with them. I am just a little bit bored now and going slightly stir crazy. Being almost six months pregnant is not helping much either. So, what exactly are we doing around here? Read on to find out!

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Twelve Weeks Later: Homeschool Update

Here we are twelve weeks into our school year and I have no idea how we are almost halfway through it already. I feel like September was last week and the fact that we are basically in mid-November is mind blowing. Is this from being busy with school, being busy growing another human, or a combo? Not sure, but so far we are having a ton of fun this school year!

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Pausing The Debt Snowball

In one of our last blog posts I mentioned that we were entering stork mode while pregnant and pausing our debt snowball. You can read more about stork mode via Dave Ramsey here. Well, we are a few months into pausing the snowball and boy is it ridiculously harder than I thought it was going to be

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It’s A…

I promise we didn’t fall off the face of the Earth! It has just been a really stressful 20 weeks of pregnancy, especially the last few weeks since we came home from our deer hunt. We had to re-home our chickens thanks to a nasty neighbor. Basically I have been a hot mess of stress and tears. Which hasn’t left much room for blogging, until today where we reveal the gender and the name of our Wildbaby to our readers!

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My First Deer

Deer season is finally here and I am writing this post from the trailer on our family friend’s property in Western Washington, about 3 hours from our own home. Opening day was just this past Sunday and I was lucky enough to be up here, sans Wildchild with both my parents. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, which is funny because I wanted to just head home already.

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Budget Changes: Stork Mode

After announcing our pregnancy in the last post, I thought it would be pertinent to touch base a bit more on how this will be affecting our debt snowball. I briefly mentioned how we would be going into stork mode and pausing our debt snowball.

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The Most Unexpected Blessing

Aaron and I have intentionally not shared about our struggles to conceive our second child on the blog. We had already been blessed with two wonderful boys in NotSoLittleDude and Wildchild that it seemed silly to talk about the struggle to get pregnant on here. Plus, we didn’t want the focus of our blog to wind up solely talking about our fertility struggles.

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