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Curve Ball

This isn’t one of the typical posts we put up here on The Wild Paduanos. While I have talked about my battles with Multiple Sclerosis before, I am getting raw here. This is me being super vulnerable and It. Is. Terrifying. I hate being seen as “weak.” I hate that I have these thoughts and I hate this stupid disease. Life is throwing some interesting curve balls our way.

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Summer Shenanigans

Summer has officially started for The Wild Paduanos. NotSoLittleDude is here for the break from his Mom’s house. My nephew and my niece are also here for the next month. We have quite the full house! Unfortunately, we haven’t had very summer like weather and we have kind of been stuck in the house.

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Debt Free Journey Progress

It’s been a bit since we updated on our debt freedom progress with the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps. I have been slightly avoiding writing any update because it’s nothing exciting. We are still just plugging away with our small shovel. Progress is progress though right?

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Mischief Managed?

In our last post, we talked about how we were working on integrating the two new chickens into our existing flock. Well, they are fully together now. However, we have run into some issues that aren’t about them all getting along. If you are wondering how we manage it all, keep reading.

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Integrating Chicks Into An Existing Flock

A few months ago we bought three new chicks to add to our existing flock of three. One passed away, see post here. So that left us with 2 chicks and 3 hens to integrate. As this is only our second year with chickens, it has been a bit nerve wracking trying to get them all to coexist.

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Self Care Tricks For Chronic Illness Warriors

Self care is something we all struggle with, but it can be an even bigger struggle when you are battling your own body. As someone who deals with Multiple Sclerosis, I know what that battle is like. In this post, I am going to share with you some ways I practice self care.

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Summer Survival Tips: Parenting With Multiple Sclerosis

Having a chronic illness sucks. Being a parent with a chronic illness can suck more on certain days than others. It’s a different kind of suck, with a certain layer of guilt that only those with a chronic illness can understand. We are entering into a time of year that can be particularly difficult for those of us with Multiple Sclerosis: summer. I am going to share my survival tips for summer parenting with MS.

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Loss On The Homestead

As I am sure you noticed, I wasn’t able to get a post up at our regularly scheduled time. That’s because our special needs Ameraucana chick started heading downhill. You’ll remember from our previous post, that she had an overgrown beak we had to trim.

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An Easter Surprise

Most of you know that I went turkey hunting during Easter weekend. I had a great time hanging out with my friend. Too bad, my friend had his work hours change on him last minute so we did not hang out that much, more of just hunting together, which was fine.

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Working Towards A Dream

When I sit and daydream about our future homestead, I often imagine a rustic cabin like the one pictured above. Whether or not our home will look like that one day, remains to be seen. We are still working out the details on what our dream home will look like.

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Preparing For Turkey Season

It’s that time of year again, Turkey season! Time to get out in the field and hunt for some birds. Before we can get out hunting though, we have some things to take care of first. We gotta get all of our gear packed, and pack food. Most importantly, we have to stick to the budget!

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Homestead Skills

We are still a couple of years (hopefully less) from moving to our dream land, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn the skills necessary to be successful homesteaders now.

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