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Debt Free Journey Update 2

I wish I had a bigger updated debt payoff amount for this month, but I don’t. We have only been able to pay off what equals to another $120 thanks to freaking interest on our student loans. I *hate* these things with a passion. Paying these off will probably make me cry and I cannot wait. I am trying to focus on the fact that every little bit counts though.

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Lifting & More Thoughts On Fitness

Boy, did that flu do a number on me in terms of my lifting strength and stamina! It’s been a little bit since I have talked strictly about fitness on the blog. I also don’t think I have talked about it since getting over the flu a couple of weeks ago.

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Mom’s Gone Crazy

Things have been rough lately. So rough, that it has me feeling like I am crazy. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It’s even more difficult when you are a parent with a chronic illness. Throw in being part of a blended family and things are probably a little more crazy than your typical family.

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Why The Homesteading Dream?

It occurred to me while laying in bed last night, that we haven’t really talked about WHY we have this dream to turn to homesteading. I mean, if we are honest it is not a very typical dream for a family to have. I suppose I have had the dream longer than Aaron and he caught the bug from me.

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Struck Down By The Flu

This last week or so has been rough! We got taken out, one by one, with the flu. It started with my parents. They both had their flu shots (insert eye roll here) and it was downhill after that.

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Changing Up Homeschool Plans

One of the beauties of being a homeschool family, is that we can change things whenever we need to. I noticed that Wildchild was becoming increasingly disinterested in our Kindergarten level curriculum the further we got into it.

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Family Summer Bucket List

It’s true, summer is a long way off. However, this recent little amount of cold and snow we got has me dreaming of warmer days. It also has me in planning mode on what to do with these wild children we will have.

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Turkey Hunting Is Coming!

Soon spring will be here and you know what that means. No more snow, longer days, flowers start blooming and birds flying around. Speaking of birds, spring Turkey hunting season is coming up soon.

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Debt Free Journey Update!

Oh boy, here we are with the first update on our debt free journey. I would like to say we did some crazy stuff since the last time we talked. It’s not as exciting as I want. We are now credit card debt free and down one of Aaron’s student loans. It feels amazing to free up 3 minimum payments to go elsewhere in the budget!

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Let’s Talk About Fitness

For the majority of my life, I have not been a healthy weight. Nor have I lead a healthy lifestyle where fitness was a focus.. Think lots of junk food, processed everything, basically what is referred to as the Standard American Diet or SAD. With my weight issues came a lot of mental health problems.

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Dreaming of Spring

This weather is killing me. We still have snow on the ground that just won’t seem to go away and I am over it. I can finally see my garden boxes again and I am itching to get my hands back in the dirt, to plant some seeds, and watch our food grow.

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The Importance Of Self-Care

As a stay-at-home Mom and MS Warrior, self-care is seriously important. Probably one of the most important things I do, outside of being a Mom. If I don’t make sure to take care of myself, even in some small way, my mental and physical health suffer greatly.

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