Sorry for Disappearing

I am so sorry for disappearing, again. Things have been quiet on the blog for awhile now, despite my intentions otherwise. Adding Wildbaby into the mix has been a lot harder than I had imagined. She is such a velcro baby that it is hard to get much accomplished besides nursing and if I am lucky, a thirty minute workout.

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It’s A…

I promise we didn’t fall off the face of the Earth! It has just been a really stressful 20 weeks of pregnancy, especially the last few weeks since we came home from our deer hunt. We had to re-home our chickens thanks to a nasty neighbor. Basically I have been a hot mess of stress and tears. Which hasn’t left much room for blogging, until today where we reveal the gender and the name of our Wildbaby to our readers!

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The Most Unexpected Blessing

Aaron and I have intentionally not shared about our struggles to conceive our second child on the blog. We had already been blessed with two wonderful boys in NotSoLittleDude and Wildchild that it seemed silly to talk about the struggle to get pregnant on here. Plus, we didn’t want the focus of our blog to wind up solely talking about our fertility struggles.

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Summer Shenanigans

Summer has officially started for The Wild Paduanos. NotSoLittleDude is here for the break from his Mom’s house. My nephew and my niece are also here for the next month. We have quite the full house! Unfortunately, we haven’t had very summer like weather and we have kind of been stuck in the house.

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Debt Free Journey Update 2

I wish I had a bigger updated debt payoff amount for this month, but I don’t. We have only been able to pay off what equals to another $120 thanks to freaking interest on our student loans. I *hate* these things with a passion. Paying these off will probably make me cry and I cannot wait. I am trying to focus on the fact that every little bit counts though.

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Western Washington got hit with an insane amount of snow over the past week. In fact, I think we broke a record and last time we got this much snow was back in 1945. We had about 7 inches on Monday, the 4th. It warmed up just a tad over the next couple of days, leaving us with about 4 inches when the second storm hit.

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