Spike Down: Harvesting My First Deer

My second season started after my wife. She was able to go down before me with her dad. While she was there on her last night she tagged out. So not only did she tag out before me she also got a deer before me. She got a nice doe too. My first year I didn’t get to tag out despite seeing deer and releasing some arrows.

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My First Deer

Deer season is finally here and I am writing this post from the trailer on our family friend’s property in Western Washington, about 3 hours from our own home. Opening day was just this past Sunday and I was lucky enough to be up here, sans Wildchild with both my parents. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, which is funny because I wanted to just head home already.

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Western Washington got hit with an insane amount of snow over the past week. In fact, I think we broke a record and last time we got this much snow was back in 1945. We had about 7 inches on Monday, the 4th. It warmed up just a tad over the next couple of days, leaving us with about 4 inches when the second storm hit.

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