The Most Unexpected Blessing

Aaron and I have intentionally not shared about our struggles to conceive our second child on the blog. We had already been blessed with two wonderful boys in NotSoLittleDude and Wildchild that it seemed silly to talk about the struggle to get pregnant on here. Plus, we didn’t want the focus of our blog to wind up solely talking about our fertility struggles.

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Summer Shenanigans

Summer has officially started for The Wild Paduanos. NotSoLittleDude is here for the break from his Mom’s house. My nephew and my niece are also here for the next month. We have quite the full house! Unfortunately, we haven’t had very summer like weather and we have kind of been stuck in the house.

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Summer Survival Tips: Parenting With Multiple Sclerosis

Having a chronic illness sucks. Being a parent with a chronic illness can suck more on certain days than others. It’s a different kind of suck, with a certain layer of guilt that only those with a chronic illness can understand. We are entering into a time of year that can be particularly difficult for those of us with Multiple Sclerosis: summer. I am going to share my survival tips for summer parenting with MS.

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Mom’s Gone Crazy

Things have been rough lately. So rough, that it has me feeling like I am crazy. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It’s even more difficult when you are a parent with a chronic illness. Throw in being part of a blended family and things are probably a little more crazy than your typical family.

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