Curve Ball

This isn’t one of the typical posts we put up here on The Wild Paduanos. While I have talked about my battles with Multiple Sclerosis before, I am getting raw here. This is me being super vulnerable and It. Is. Terrifying. I hate being seen as “weak.” I hate that I have these thoughts and I hate this stupid disease. Life is throwing some interesting curve balls our way.

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Debt Free Journey Update!

Oh boy, here we are with the first update on our debt free journey. I would like to say we did some crazy stuff since the last time we talked. It’s not as exciting as I want. We are now credit card debt free and down one of Aaron’s student loans. It feels amazing to free up 3 minimum payments to go elsewhere in the budget!

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Morning Routine

Please excuse the picture quality, but this is a picture I snapped just before starting my morning routine. If you remember the post on my review of the Last 90 Days challenge, you will know how I struggled with the waking up an hour earlier part of the challenge. Well, I am not struggling with that anymore and have been waking up around 5 am pretty much every morning (I do sleep in a bit on weekends).

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