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One of the beauties of being a homeschool family, is that we can change things whenever we need to. I noticed that Wildchild was becoming increasingly disinterested in our Kindergarten level curriculum the further we got into it. He was absolutely loving the Mercy Watson series. He also fell in love with the Zoey & Sassafras series. Outside of that, he was struggling a bit with the curriculum. I knew going into this, that some of it might be difficult for him. However, I knew that Torchlight was going to be introducing a Pre-K curriculum sometime at the beginning of the year. I figured if things continued to be a struggle, we would switch.

That’s exactly what we did when the new curriculum was introduced, well sort of. We are still playing around with it a bits. We had to wait for the books needed to get here from Amazon, which was a bigger pain than usual. Utilizing our local library for the supplemental books will be a big help. We begin the new homeschool curriculum more formally on Monday when I pick up another library book this weekend. You can read more about how we plan our homeschool week here.


Thoughts on the Curriculum:

Looking over the Pre-K curriculum, there will be places Wildchild is a bit ahead of the curve (math for one). I think overall it will be a better fit. The thing I am loving most when reviewing the curriculum is the work on emotions and how we handle different ones. I think this will be incredibly valuable going forward. There is also more emphasis on play and getting outside, which we are all about! In fact, we spent a little over an hour outside today just digging in the dirt.

The Pre-K curriculum seems a lot more comprehensive than the Kindergarten curriculum. More suggestions on alternatives, podcasts, series, etc. There is even an alternative schedule for math and reading that will be tremendously helpful since we will bounce around a bit. It’s designed to run the traditional school year and in line with the seasons for that time frame. Since we are starting in the middle basically, we will vary things a bit to stay in line with the seasons. Our plan is still to do year-round homeschooling. This allows us to fit schooling to our family’s lifestyle. Being a blended family has it’s own unique situations particular to each family. Having this ability to tailor our homeschooling to that uniqueness is so refreshing and creates a bit less stress.

I am really excited to get started next week and will be spending this weekend getting things re-organized. Our homeschool area is a disaster at the moment. Disaster in the sense that there are piles of books all over the homeschool corner. I just need to clean up a bit and it will all be good!


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- Barbara

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