Girl, There’s A New Book!


If you can only read one book for 2019, you better make it Rachel Hollis’ new book Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan For Embracing And Achieving Your Goals. This book is FIRE. It’s her follow up to Girl, Stop Apologizing and lays out the exact steps she took to reach her business goals.

It’s formatted in the same no nonsense, take no prisoners, coming from your best friend, style that has epitomized who Rachel is and how her content is presented. If you have business or even life goals you are looking to achieve, this is the book for you! Seriously, go pre-order this book now!

I was lucky enough to be part of the launch team and get an advanced copy of the book before it’s out on March 12th. It took me a few days to read because #boymom and #snowpocalyse2019 causing the entire western part of Washington State to loose their minds, but it was seriously such a great and motivating book. I plan on ordering another copy just so I can highlight my ARC one, cause to be honest, marking up books makes me die a little inside.

One of my favorite quotes from the book: “You are a powerful, beautiful, and bold woman, and you will treat yourself as such.” Seriously, I immediately created a graphic for it (find it here on instagram) and wrote it on a post-it note to stick on my computer. Heck, I think I just got an idea for a new tattoo from it!

The book is broken down into three separate parts: excuses to let go of, behaviors to adopt, and skills to acquire. The first part of the book was hard, like wow, she is in my head right now giving me the business! Behaviors to adopt does cover some content she has already talked about, but dives deeper into how she works them into her daily life. Skills to acquire was eye opening. I thought it was going to be about things like learning actual tangible, hands-on skills. Instead, its things like time management, CONFIDENCE (again with the being in my head thing) and being a leader. Did I mention this book is FIRE?!

If you are looking for something to light a fire inside your belly to pursue the best version of yourself this is the book for you!

- Barbara

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