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I promise we didn’t fall off the face of the Earth! It has just been a really stressful 20 weeks of pregnancy, especially the last few weeks since we came home from our deer hunt. We had to re-home our chickens thanks to a nasty neighbor. Basically I have been a hot mess of stress and tears. Which hasn’t left much room for blogging, until today where we reveal the gender and the name of our Wildbaby to our readers!


Let’s start with a totally sad situation. I guess we interpreted the HOA rules wrong, tried to sort of bend them, whatever. At any rate, we had chickens for about a year and a half before someone got butthurt and reported us to the HOA board. They gave us a whopping ten, yes 10 days to rehome our pets. They threatened to fine $50 dollars a day for each day we were not in compliance. If you drove through this community you wouldn’t even think we were an HOA because of a multitude of reasons *cough* its crap *cough. We cannot wait to move.

After spending a whopping five minutes being devastated, because it is really all I had time for, I posted on Facebook looking to re-home them. Luckily, a Mom from an online group I am part of responded right away. After taking a couple of days to say goodbye they were sent to their new family. I was so heartbroken and still catch myself looking out the window to our run hoping to see some fluffy butts. One day, I am gonna have a lot more than 5 chickens! Now to head into the reveal story……


This has by far been my most stressful pregnancy. Not caused by the pregnancy itself, but by outside forces and my boundaries not being respected. I have cried more in this pregnancy than I have probably in my entire left. Well, maybe except puberty lol.


A couple of weeks ago, I threw my back out. First time I have ever had that happen and it sucked. If it wasn’t for a combo of these patches, Young Living Cool Azul pain cream, my foam roller, and Beachbody On Demand Yoga videos, I probably would still be in terrible shape. Luckily, after all of that and some rest I am doing much better! My hips are another story, but that just comes with the territory of growing another human.

For some insane reason I made the appointment for our ultrasound ridiculously early in the morning. Pretty sure my brain was thinking the earlier you get in, the faster you can get it done with minimal waiting. HAHAHAHA. What a joke. Aaron even said we were gonna stop doing early appointments or showing up early for them to check in, because we always end up waiting passed the appointment time.

The Ultrasound

We only do the anatomy and gender scan during pregnancies. If I completely had my way, I wouldn’t do a single ultrasound as they have not been proven completely safe or really even necessary in low risk pregnancies. *If you would like more information on Ultrasounds, just drop a message or comment* However, this is the compromise we could agree on in our marriage.

So, we have never been to this hospital before, ever. While walking the halls I quickly realize that this is a very religious hospital and my poor Pagan heart starts speeding up a bit. We get to check in and there is a crucifix on the bulletin board. He asks my religion and in fear of starting some sort of issue I just say Athiest. While we are sitting in the waiting room, a prayer of a Psalm is done over a loudspeaker through the whole hospital. Oh and this isn’t the weirdest part of the morning. I see a police officer out of the corner of my eye, okay not weird. Then, rattling chains. Full on jumpsuit and chains on everything prisoner. Literally never seen that in real life. I have not had enough coffee for any of this.


the Reveal

We get back to the ultrasound room and get things going. Wildchild is doing great for the first like, five minutes, and then he is being super clingy and trying to climb up on the bed with me. Sorry bud, you can’t be up here. He can’t decide which screen to watch either and keeps telling me to watch the tech’s screen cause it has color! Meanwhile, I am trying to watch the scan on the bigger screen cause this Mommy knows enough anatomy (thanks college) to know what’s normal or not. I am also trying to tell Wildchild what part is what and that we will look at bigger pictures when we get home.

Basically I am telling him anything and everything I can to keep him slightly quiet. Meanwhile, Aaron is doing that talking through his teeth thing parents do. Did I mention it was really early? We finally get asked if we want to know the gender, even though he’s already “there” and I can clearly see what’s what. After giving a resounding yes, he reveals that Wildbaby is a…. GIRL!

Wildchild was stunned. I am pretty sure Aaron and I are still slightly in shock. I had a feeling it was a girl, but confirming it was a whole other thing. There is one girl in the family for kids and that’s my niece who is 9. It’s been boys, boys, boys. I am so not sure what to *do* with a girl. The majority of our baby stuff is all boy, or gender neutral for the first few months. Guess I will be going through all our kid stuff and pulling out gender neutral stuff only.

The Older Boys React

As I said above, Wildchild was pretty stunned. I remember looking at him when the tech said it was a girl and he was just sitting there with his mouth open. After we left the hospital and started to drive away he pipes up from the back seat “how are we gonna play Minecraft with this girl?!” Oh, to be a five year old again.

We called NotSoLittleDude a couple of hours after he was out of school but, his phone was dead. So, we had to call his Mom’s phone. Luckily, she picked up and we got to reveal to him the news. His reaction? “Oh no.” Ah, preteens are probably just as hilarious with their reactions as younger kids.

Basically, their reactions to the reveal were pretty lame. Every day though, they talk a bit more about how they are feeling on having a sister. Maybe next time we will do an actual gender reveal party type situation?

Last but not least

When we were naming Wildchild, it took FOREVER. Seriously. I made lists and lists of names for Aaron, who would commit to none of them. I once made a list of like twenty names and he chose one. ONE. FREAKING. NAME. Wildchild did not have a set name until about two weeks before he was born. So, I was fully expecting that battle this go around and have been sending him name ideas since before the gender reveal.

Much to our surprise, we picked a first name out the night we found out we were having a girl. The middle name took until the afternoon of the next day, but we did it! In 24 hours we had named our baby girl: Talia Soleil

We are all equal parts excited and petrified about adding a little girl to our mix of boys. I can’t wait to see how the dynamics of the house shift once she arrives. I have a feeling she is about to have all of them wrapped around her little finger.


- Barbara

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