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Please excuse the picture quality, but this is a picture I snapped just before starting my morning routine. If you remember the post on my review of the Last 90 Days challenge, you will know how I struggled with the waking up an hour earlier part of the challenge. Well, I am not struggling with that anymore and have been waking up around 5 am pretty much every morning (I do sleep in a bit on weekends).

Basically, as soon as the alarm on my FitBit goes off, I get up and go to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee. Then, I go to the bathroom, come back for my cooling coffee cup and head down to sit at the desk. This is where the real waking up begins. While slowly sipping on my morning cup of black coffee, I crack open my bullet journal to write down my 10 dreams and five things I am grateful for. If you’re curious about that process, here is a link to Rachel Hollis’ Rise Podcast on iTunes that explains the whole entire process in detail. Pro tip, you are gonna want something to take notes on for this!

Once I finish with my writing, I usually head on over to Pinterest to find a quote to post on my Instagram for some morning motivation. I also share this quote to our Facebook page. It helps set the tone for what I would like to accomplish each day. Getting your mindset right is such a huge part of every day.

After that I will check out the news and read some personal development until the Wildchild comes pattering over to me at the computer desk for some morning hugs. Once he is up it is time to get breakfast ready, and gear up mentally for whatever workout I am scheduled for on that day. If you are interested in finding out when my next accountability group is, check out my website.

By the time I am finished with all my morning stuff, and my workout, it is usually around 9:30 in the morning. We start our homeschooling once I have cooled off a bit more, re-hydrated and refueled. Right now, we are slowly working through Level K in the Torchlight Curriculum, but more on that for another post!

What are your mornings like? Are they hectic and out of control?

- Barbara

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