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To go along with my yearly planning post, I figured it would be a good idea to have a little chat about how we plan out our homeschool week. Right now, we are working with Torchlight Curriculum Level K and it is super fantastic! Our overall plan is to do a year round schedule with homeschooling, so we are taking it slow with this curriculum. Wildchild is only 4.5, so some days he is more interested than others. He absolutely adores being read to (which is a good portion of the curriculum) and lucky for him Mommy loves to read to him as well. They will be coming out with a Pre-K curriculum here in the next month or so, and we will probably get that as well and sort of mash things together.

For reading lessons we are using Reading Eggs which we got a super awesome deal on for Black Friday, which is when our free trial ended as well. It has a math program attached to it, but we haven’t used it much. For math we are just working on counting and number recognition right now. He loves to point out both numbers and letters that he recognizes on various things, like counting down on the microwave or the game clock during Football.

Now that you know a little more about what we use, let’s talk about how I plan out our week. Sunday’s are when I sit down and do all my planning for homeschool, business, etc. I start out with reviewing the books we will need for the week and what pages or chapters we need to read. I also take a peek at the following week to see what books we need to place on hold with the library or see if there is a version we can download on Libby.

All of this info goes into my Bloom Planner which is seriously my lifeline, along with our Google Calendar. That way I can refer to it each day to figure out what we are supposed to be reading, what we need to expand on with a YouTube video, or what art project we are going to be working on. I also usually take Sunday to organize the books, in order, in our tote, or just stack them near the bed. We tend to knock out most of our work during breakfast.

Depending on the weather, we try to spend some time outside in our backyard as well. He usually helps me get the eggs from our chickens each day. Where we live is super windy, and can get gusts over 40MPH so this time of year is a bit difficult. One of our favorite activities is to play Wildcraft and we play that at least once a day. It’s a great game to teach kids cooperation, herbal healing, and math. We also love to have what we call “crazy dance parties,” where I put on one of the kid stations from Pandora and just dance around our room.

Since the Wildchild is still a bit too young for Scouts or 4H, we save most of our activities for the weekend when Aaron is off work, assuming he isn’t working on a big project. We usually go to the park here in town, which has wonderful trails attached to it. Some days we will go hiking or hunting, when the season is open. Every once in awhile we will use a weekend to just hang around the house, play video games, and do chores.

That’s basically how the week goes in our neck of the woods. How about you?

- Barbara

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