Turkey Hunting Is Coming!


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Soon spring will be here and you know what that means. No more snow, longer days, flowers start blooming and birds flying around. Speaking of birds, spring Turkey hunting season is coming up soon. Not soon enough if you ask me and I am sure if you ask the wife she will tell you that she is tired of hearing about Turkey hunting. Despite being a hunter herself, she’s a bit tired of hearing me plan for hunting Turkey.

In April, I will be taking off a few days to go back to my friend’s property over in eastern Washington. A nice 4.5 to 5 hour drive. I know that it seems like a long trip but to me it goes by fast. I have been doing it for years. Stop at a few places like Ephrata and Dry Falls to break up the drive.  I have around 45 days until I make the trip. Here’s a recap of my first hunt.

I have talked with my friend and he tells me, we are going to do something different this year. Last year we hiked around 25 miles in the three days that I was there. He does not want to do that again. I don’t really mind too much. Well maybe a little, I am a bit out of shape. He said that he would start keeping his eye out on the birds now so that when we go hunting it will make it a bit easier. Also, this year we are trying to get my father in law to come out, as it is on his bucket list.



This year I am going to try the ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack that I saw on Amazon. It looks like a fanny pack but folds out like a backpack and can carry your gun or bow. Tons of pockets. Also getting an ALPS OutdoorZ Turkey Call Pockets & Game Bag that clips on to the bag and can carry my calls and decoys. Last year I just went out in camo clothes and carried my shotgun everywhere. So carrying that for 25 miles was a pain.

48 days left. I cannot wait. I do not care if I get a turkey this year. It is nice to go out to my friend’s place and get caught up on life. Also nice just to get out into the woods and sit back and listen to the sounds of nature and possibly see other wildlife. I hope that my children will have the passion for getting out instead of sitting inside all the time.


- Aaron

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